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Ahold and Delhaize file joint merger proposal
Ahold and Delhaize Group have moved forward in the current merger process, by filing a "cross-border merger of limited liability companies".
2theloo opens its largest location in Luxembourg
Toilet store chain 2theloo has opened its largest European store in Berchem, Luxembourg, located at the Shell gas station alongside the E25 highway...
New accounting rule does not facilitate retailer loans
Companies that use the IFRS accounting rules will find it more difficult to get a loan in the future. Leased items will have to be written into the...
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Edeka has been given permission to acquire Tengelmann's Kaiser's supermarkets, despite several complaints from the German antitrust authority. The...
Walmart subsidiary ASDA joins European purchase alliance EMD
Walmart's British subsidiary, ASDA, has entered a European strategic purchase alliance, EMD. It is part of an aggressive strategy, aimed to offer...
Japanese Asahi Group wants to acquire Grolsch
Japanese beer brewer Asahi Group intends to acquire beer brands Grolsch and Peroni. SABMiller wants to get rid of both in order to finalize its...
Waitrose unharmed by Christmas cannibalization
In the six weeks leading up to 2 January, British supermarket formula?Waitrose's like-for-like turnover dropped 1.4 %, but its online sales grew 7.9...
Carrefour fully owns Rue de Commerce now
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Ahold will thrive if Amazon stays clear of the Netherlands
Major online pure players cannot sustain themselves in the highly digitized Dutch market, which is why Ahold thrives in this particular market: both...